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Samstag, 9. November 2013

Comparing Miami/Florida to Germany - a brief review of a sunburned German dude...


I am really, really, really trying hard to stay neutral here when evaluating my last couple of days in Miami .... trying hard..... asrahrakjsrjkaskhaskdasdasd



I left Texas with all of their Dodge Rams and cowboys to fly....well I dont know to some kind of a capitalistic version of Kuba? While doing all kinds of things the last couple of days I came up here and there with funny differences I noticed between Florida, especially Miami and Germany... so this post will mostly deal with comparing these 2 states/countries from a not so serious point of view.

The people:

It would be unfair to combine all kinds of people at the same time so we will split this up into groups:

Young people of Miami:

Miami: Everyone here is beautiful, tanned and ripped like hell...seriously go ahead and find me one person that is not insanely good looking. the ones you will find are either German tourists or British people...

Now there are several possible reasons for the phenomenon why everyone is super hot in Miami:

a) there is a law in Florida that allows people from the gouvernment to shoot all not super hot looking people when they turn 18 (I think they might want to outsource that job to texas, they sure love their guns, and they could bring loads of them with them ...remember, they got big cars...)

b) everyone in miami is unemployed, professional stripper or works in some other industry mostly related to nightly activities, this is giving them enough time to work out the whole day and just go to the beach

c) speaking of beach...: THEY HAVE A BEACH !!! AND 35 DEGREES !!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF FREAKING NOVEMBER !!!!

Young people of Germany:

They usually have a regular job and dont have a beach. At the most they go on vacation once a year to Mallorca.

Little funny game as a side note now: How you can make every tourist of the world look like  a German? Just cut out this picture and cover his lower body with this picture.


Thats how quickly a girl from Miami Beach can become the German tourist from next door :)

Speaking of the people: Everyone in Miami is super super super tanned. I got really tanned as well on the 2 days that I spend on the beach. Just look at this picture I took in front of a white wall of myself this morning:

Me naked in front of a white wall (you can see I closed my eyes and mouth)

Old people Miami:

The average age in the state of Florida is 45 years. Where I come from the average age is probably around 35 at most... why is that? Because all of the old people from the US move to Florida once they retired... why would you do this? Well here we go again:


But that one statistic wasnt enough to underline my point of how old people are on average in Florida so I ran a couple of surveys on my various bus rides through south beach as well and here are the results:

- average amount of knee replacements  per bus ride was 4 per 100 miles. that is the so called AKR (artificial knee ratio)

- average amount of world wars people have experienced themselves on the bus: 3 (history is not taught well in the US)

- amount of people that died since the survey was conducted until the point this blog entry was written: 8,5 (one old lad is still indecisive whether he wants to hang it up or not)

Dont get me wrong, I like old people and if I had the chance I would want to live in Miami as well when I am old instead of in Germany. Because that is what we do in Germany with old people once they are retired:

Picture taken in Germany on July 14th 2013
Enough comparisons....

Sports scene miami:

The Miami Heats basketball team is by far the best in the NBA right now, or has been in recent years. How can they attract all of those good know whats coming:


All in all I was disappointed with the atmosphere in the American Airlines Arena in Miami. It was a game between 2 of the top teams of the league and it was not sold out I guess many of the people with tickets didnt come because:

- they turned 18 and well... you know...they were below average beautiful
- they were retired people that either died, or were in the hospital for a knee replacement
- the people were on the beach (because even at night it is like 30 degrees)

The fans were not really that crazy in Miami, Chicago and Dallas were MUUUUUCH better there. The only nice thing were a couple of Germans I met during the game which were really nice people and we were able to discucss how to wear socks in our sandals, if the economy of Puerto Rico might be hit by inflation next year and stuff like that you know.

Funniest moment of the game: the national anthem ceremony and the size of the flag they had there:


Compared to the flag that was all across the football field in Dallas this just looks like a joke. I stole this flag after the game in Miami and attached it to a Dodge Ram just to show you the perspective:


I LOVE MIAMI. As I said it feels like a capitalistic version of some carrebean country. There are more Spanish than English speaking people down there, there are only either super hot or very old people running around. I would not want to live and work there, but it is an amazing place to spend your holidays I tell you. You have amazing parties, a basketball team, a football team, a baseball team and well.... you all knew it was coming again:


I am too tired now to upload more pictures and videos, will do this at another point in time, most of them are anyway taken on the beach or on parties and are not to be disclosed.

I am in New York now already on my last stop. Cant wait to check the city out again. Got upgraded to a suite in the Radisson Hotel on the 18th floor and I still cant oversee the city because all other buildings are higher....oh boy, how I missed the big apple :)

So long


Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Dallas/Texas Review - an overdose of American flavor with a little bit patriotic overkill....

Dallas...known for a TV show, known for the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys, where everyone wears cowboy boots and has a colt around his waist. Everything is supposed to be bigger, more intense and more impressive than anywhere else....those are the prejudices you have of Texas when going there for the first time....and all of them are right !!!

Just a couple of examples why everything is really bigger in texas:

When regular roads in the US have 5 lanes in each direction, the road from the airport to my hotel had 9(!!!!) lanes all the way.

When regular cars are anyway bigger than anywhere else on this planet: EVERYONE has a dodge RAM here in texas. For people from outside of the US: A dodge ram is a car that someone in your area would at most buy when he either:

a) was forced to do so with a gun to his head
b) owns a petrol station
c) needs to transport 4 chopped down trees, 17 pigs, 45 other people and... another dodge the same time every single day of the year
d) is of texonian decent and moved to your country

That is a Dodge Ram:

Riding on the streets here reminded me a lot of my favorit Simpsons scene, because this exactly the game that the texans are playing with their cars:

I wonder why they dont use Dodge RAM`s in Walmarts here instead of a regular cart.

Speaking of Wal Mart...I have been to an Ultra Wall Mart yesterday. For the Europeans among my readers, wal mart is a supermarket chain and they have huuuggeeee stores comparable to Metro or Carrefour ( know that a carrefour looks like a gas station supermarket in Afganistan in late spring compared to Wal Marts).

I grew up in a town with like 700 people living there on approximately 5km² of space. Now I asked one of the people working there in the Wal Mart I was and he said that 800 people  are there usually at all times (it is open 24/7) on around 4km² of space (inlcuding parking lot)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to put that into perspective: IF EVERY CITIZEN OF MY HOMETOWN WOULD GO SHOPPING IN THAT WAL MART AT THE SAME TIME WE COULD EASILY DO THAT, BUT HEY IN ORDER TO GET FRESH EGGS WE MIGHT HAVE TO WALK FROM ONE END OF MY HOMETOWN TO THE OTHER :D :D :D

I can imagine a couple going shopping there: "Oh honey, I forgot to get the milk" she says "oh alright, well I`ll drive home with the kids then already, see them grow up, go to their prom night and afterwards we ll pick you up again"

Wal Mart

When during a usual sport event the national anthem is sang and 2 or 3 Army dudes hold the star spangled banner into the air this is a great moment. In Dallas .... well you can guess it already...things are a bit bigger:

But lets get down to the rating for Dallas/Texas:

Food and drinks

Texas is quite famous for its BBQ`s and for quite a considerable influence of Tex-Mex "cuisine". So thats what I ate all day long, fat, unhealthy but delicious food

Steak and Chees "sandwich"

Nachos with...i dont know, peppers, some meat and meat on top of the meat, cheese and a bit more melted cheese on the not yet melted cheese...

Drinks... well I went to a college party here of people I bumped into at the cowboys game and had too many of them....that party was... well no I might tell everyone in private but that party was the most crazy thing I have ever experienced in terms of parties so far. What happens on University of Dallas parties stays there :D Pictures still exist but maaayyybee after the trip I might disclose some stuff like at the end of the Hangover movies.

Foods and drinks: 6/10 ... nothing really too amazing but I didnt really have it too much of a chance as well to be honest


People from Texas are loud, proud of their state and always on the brink of being very cocky about being from Texas and being a cowboys fan. Now I just wanted to have a good time so I integrated and pretended to have the same opinion (my god I must have yelled 14.000 times a fake " GO COWBOYS") in recent days. I liked people from Chicago more to be honest but still, people here at least unique which is always a good thing

people: 4/10

Sports scene:

I love it when people are over the top proud of their teams, go crazy whenever they can and support them no matter what. Welcome to Dallas then. Dallas is clearly dominated by football fans, the cowboys are, even though not being very good recently, by far the most famous team here. The Mavericks and Stars are quite a bit behind them.

Watching my very first football game was great fun but the more often I go to sport events here the more differences I see between the fan culture in Europe and the US, but that will be a seperate post.

After not believing how lucky I was to see a Derrick Rose gamewinner... I saw another one in Dallas.

Again, in the last seconds the home town team I rooted for scored and won the game. Its crazy again how the whole stadium errupts...

Besides that I watched 2 Mavericks games which was a kind of a dream of myself to see Dirk play in front of his home crowd. I had pretty good seats and was just amazing. He is by far the most famous sports person in town, 80% of the people in the arena were wearing a Dirk jersey so I did fit right in there :)

 Sports rating: 10/10 the cowboys game was awesome, seeing Dirk live again was just breathtaking

Total Dallas Rating: 5/10

The city itself and the people here are below average I have to say. There is not much you can do here as a tourist, not much of a "downtown" area as in Chicago. Wouldnt there have been the amazing football game and Dirk in town, the rating would have even been much worse.

Will I come back to Dallas? Probably...but only because of the Mavericks, besides that Dallas doesnt have as much to offer as Chicago had or Miami and New York will have to offer.

Following a couple of more pictures:

After-Game party location ;)

Dallas Mavericks - Memphis Grizzlies
The football stadium

In the middle of the football field
Tailgating in front of cowboy stadium

my new hat


Samstag, 2. November 2013

Chicago review - Gimme a game winner and a deep dish Pizza please !

770 visitors clicks onto my blog already...damn... lovin it :)

Quick review now of my 2 days in Chicago now. I just landed in Dallas and have a bit of time before going out for dinner and then watch Dirk Nowitzki kick some Grizzly ass tonight.

For all cities I visited I want to write a little review and have the same categories for each one of here we go:

Food and drinks:

Chicago is pretty much famous for one thing: Deep Dish Pizzas. As I love eating Pizza I obviously had to have one. So yesterday my fellow student Brett and myself went on a probably 3 hour long search for the best deep dish pizza and ended up at a place called Oro`s Pizza.

I had a Pesto/Cheese/Veggy Pizza which was totally awesome. The pizza was small in size but because it is SOOOO THICK it feeds you really really really well. In the end I wasnt able to finish it so as you do in the states I took the rest of the pizza home with me in a box. I didnt even eat it the next day as I gave it to a homeless person in front of my Hotel as I didnt really want to eat pizza early in the morning...

Deep Dish Pizza with Brett

Besides that I didnt really try many Chicago typical things besides 2 glasses of beer ( of which I dont even know if it was from Ilinois). The beer was surprisingly great as well. So since Chicago was my first stop I had to catch up on typically American things as well such as 2 liters of Mountain Dew, Dunkin Donuts and loads of Starbucks hot beverages.

Highlight of sweet things I tried was a Cheesecake Brownie... HOLY COW was that good...

Cheesecake brownie

Food rating Chicago: 8/10


The immigration officers at O`Hare airport were much friendlier than the ones I got to know on my trips to the US before so I had a really good start in Chicago. While walking through the city on the first night and trying to understand the bus system it was seriously 3 times in a row enough to look at the map on the side of the road so that someone offered me help...

So that leaves 2 possible explanations:

- I look like a little 5 year old helpless girl when not knowing where I am
- People in Chicago are quite friendly

I will go with the second explanation :).

Adding the very good waitress at the Pizza place and the staff at United Center on top the people of Chicago blew me away.

People rating: 10/10


Chicago is a sports city. They have at least one professional team in baseball, hockey, basketball and football and the whole city is pretty much a sports city with basketball and baseball dominating the scene.

Thursday night I went to a Chicago Bulls home game, and I couldnt be happier about everyhting that I saw and did:

-  obviously I gave a kiss to the Michael Jordan statue

Michael Jordan monument

- I got goose bumps when the national anthem was sang

- I saw the GHOSTBUSTERS !!! (doing stupid things)

....and finally my favorit moment of these holidays so far:

Derrick Rose is a player of the Chicago Bulls. He is by far their best player...he was injured for more than 1 full year now with a torn ACL and did not play in front of his home crowd. He is from Chicago, before the injury he was voted the best player of the league and the whole city of Chicago was waiting for him to come back this year. He came back for the first time for the game I was at and plays a really shitty game because he was still not in 100% best shape...

...until the last 5 seconds of the game, with Chicago being down by 1 point he got the ball...and FREAKING MADE AN IMPOSSIBLE SHOT....everyone around me just went nuts....AMAZING!!!

With a big smile on my face I went to bed that night...what a start to that trip.

Next day I visited the football stadium and the quite famous baseball stadium "Wrigley Park" and that was it basically already for the sports secene in Chicago...

Soldier Field - The football stadium

Sports rating: 9/10

Summary: Chicago was much better than expected. I was only there for 2 days but definately need to come back! The Derrick Rose moment at the Bulls game I will never forget...that was just breathtaking. Together with the relaxed people Chicago is simply a very nice city to visit!

Following are a couple of more pictures from the windy city:

The Mall cop

On top of Willis Tower

something against the jet lag

Freitag, 1. November 2013

Meeting an older version of Sheldon Cooper ....a pleasant flight to Chicago

So now I am already in Chicago, as always due to the jet lag I am awake at 7AM in the morning but at least now I have some time to write a quick review of the Air Berlin flight to Chicago.

Air Berlin has 2 different business classes today. One is "ok" and the other one is quite modern and actually pretty good. Latest piece of info was I would fly with the old business class but in the last second the plane had changed and I was able to enjoy this:

Before take-off I quickly checked in within 3 minutes because I was allowed to skip the line and then visited the British Airways lounge which was not very spectacular, I just grabbed a coffee to wake up and had a couple of bananas.

Boarding was more or less on time but pash back 30 minutes late...but I didnt really care anymore since I was SOOOO happy that i could enjoy the new lie flat seat.

2 hours into the flight the main dish was served. People who are hungry should stop reading right now ...


Marinated shrimps on Zuchini with diced peppers

Spicy Indian chicken breast with butter curry sauce and a lot of other things I forgot

Topped of with some 12 year old Glenfiddich...

Food in general was ok. Nothing too spectacular, not too bad. Rating: 6/10

The seat: As mentioned the seat is a lie flat seat, meaning it is basically a bed if you want it to be. As I am not the tallest person I was able to actually fully lie down and sleep for a good 4-5 hours. The entertainment system was decent as well so the whole flight I was in kind of in a "baby Mode":

-> being entertained-->drinking and eating-->sleeping-->being entertained-->drinking and eating-->sleeping-->arrival :)

In total the seat and the entertainment system were really decent. Rating: 8/10

Service: There were 2 flight attendants on that flight for all 12 business class passengers and the difference between both of them couldnt have been bigger:

The BAD:

A 50 year old, quite chubby unfriendly flight attendant. You felt like you were annoying here when asking for another glass of whiskey or wine (and I did that with my new friend Jim quite often). Hey by the way madam, there are people paying €2k for a return ticket, just at least be friendly, right?


A really really really really good looking flight attendant (surprisingly I remember her name: Charlotte :) ) that was as friendly as it gets. Her English was fantastic, she knew you wanted something before you actually knew it yourself and well...again: she was really attractive :D

In total service was thus an up and down. Rating: 6/10, had I gotten charlottes number which I asked for it would have been a landslide 10/10 winner rating ...

Now the funny part of the flight: Already in the lounge I started chatting with an elderly couple which was from the Chicago area about what I was going to do and what they were doing in Germany and so on. Turns out the husband Jim was a Physics guest professor at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Jims seat was right next to mine so even during the flight we chatted quite a bit and discussed bit about differences of the school systems in Europe and the US. Eventually he saw me watching the Big Bang Theory which he had never heard of. That must have been with 5 hours left to arrival. I talked Jim into watching the show and he started watching the first episode....that was the last time I actually heard of him. He was sooooooo into the show that he watched the whole first season during the remainder of the flight. There was not even time anymore to have another drink with me :)

When leaving the plane he told me that he is going to by the DVD`s of the show right away on the airport now as Sheldon reminded him SO SO MUCH of his own son... (which I dont necessarily think is appealing).

Here he is in his TBBT mode:

When leaving the plane I said goodbye to both of them. We exchanged phone numbers so next time when he comes to Germany we can grab a couple of drinks. His wife told me in a secret moment that he must have just been in love with Penny as he "freaking loves blondes" :D

In total it was a great flight all the way through. Good food, enough sleep to gain some energy for the upcoming days and immigration was fast as well.  Transport to the Hotel was easy using public transport and the Hotel is right in front of Lake Michigan...cant ask for more.

Last night I watched the first NBA game but I will write about this in the next episode and summarize my time in Chicago.

So long


Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013

Small jerseys and a big German Wunderkind....


I have just started packing my stuff and as promised I wanted to create one last post before the actual trip starts writing about why I love Basketball and why I like Dirk Nowitzki so much.

Why do I like the NBA so much and US sports in general? Well hard to say, I guess it all started back in something like 1994 when my dad went on a business trip to LA. It was the days of Michael Jordan and little Peter was really really really small.

My dad brought me a gift when he came back which was a Michael Jordan Jersey of the Chicago Bulls. While scanning through my stuff because I have just recently moved into a new Appartment I found the Jersey actually...AND HOLY COW HOW SMALL WAS I BACK THEN :D

So the jersey on the left actually fits well today :)

Since then I started watching the Bulls a lot on German television and then in 1999 Dirk Nowitzki came into the league. As one can easily guess it is always easier to cheer for a team or be a fan of a sport when a fellow countryman is one of the best players on this planet. So I became a huge Dirk fanboy, watched NBA games all night long and always wanted to go to an NBA game.

At the same time basketball became really famous in Germany. With the support of HipHop it simply became really really cool to play Basketball. Baggy pants, sneakers and wearing an NBA jersey made you feel like a you are the MAN.

Dirk became quickly one of the best players of the NBA and was competing year after year for an NBA championship...and came short every damn year. While being really really good Dirk always stayed humble and hard working. That especially made me cheer for him so hard...even though it was tough falling short "with him" every year.

Now what really tied me to Basketball were basically 2 moments. In 2006 Dirk was in the NBA Finals, his team was up 2-0 games and everything just looked perfect for him winning a championship...and they fell short...again. Man was I frustraded, I thought I would simply quit on watching basketball, I couldnt feel more sorry for Dirk....but somehow I kept watching him play.

Then in 2011 he made it back to the NBA Finals, against the same team he had lost in 2006 he FINALLY won a championship. I remember I was watching the deciding game at 5 AM in the morning in Germany, I was running up and down in the house, I did everything i somehow could not to jynx Dirk and the mavs....and they made it...that was by far the best sport moment I have ever experienced.  One has to know that I am extremely emotional when I do and watch sports...thus those 2 moments really ripped my heart out and felt like the best thing that ever happened to me as well.

So Basketball gave me the single most disappointing and amazing sport moment of my life probably. I dont know how I will react when Germany becomes Soccer World Champion in Brazil next year (yes you read it here first, its gonna happen!)...but following Dirk throughout his career, through all ups and downs...will always be something else.

This interview just shows best why I like him so much. It is an interview right after winning it all...and it is breathtaking how humble he is and how you can see how satisfied he finally is...

Next to that I just love the US Sport system. Yes here and there it is too much marketing, those guys make WAY too much money but the Americans simply know how to create an amazing show. Period. What would I have given to study on one of the best basketball NCAA schools and root for my university? There are like 151123123123 sports channels in the US! There are shows talking about other sports shows that were dealing with a who cares ncaa football game? Thats just insane...but I somehow love it :)

Starting to pack right now as I will be quite busy until wednesday. Wednesday I will already  go up to Berlin to meet up with a good friend of mine, go partying with him and go karting and start the trip in style.

Thanks to all the readers again! I am beyond looking forward to that post will be up after the flight to Chicago summarizing the flight and the first NBA game of the Bulls (and probably some weird party pics from Berlin)

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Trip details ...or how to visit 8 sport events in 14 days

HOLY COW ! 200 visits of this blog in just the last 2 days....thats INSANE! Keep it up followers :)

The second post will mostly deal with the schedule of the trip. But before I start I have to give some credit to a good friend of mine who helped me setting up the trip: Shout out to Katharina Heuermann!!!

If you are planning any kind of trip, especially in Europe and America and are looking for the friendliest service, secret highlights you want to see most huge travel agencies dont even know about you are in the best possible hands on this planet with Kathy! Check out her website at


She will be glad to help you out in just about every language known to mankind, even eastern German :)

So what is my trip all about? Well it will be a mix of sport events and (sometimes guided) tours in cities I have never been to + all kinds of other things that make a lot of fun such as theme parks with insane roller coasters!

When going on vacation I dont really want to relax and lay down on the beach, I need some kind of action so I set up a quite tough schedule for myself (ya I know to create such kind of a schedule is rather lame, but hey c`mon... I am still kind of German :)

Somewhere in China I met my favorit Chinese dude!

Date Event Description
31.10.2013 Flight Berlin-Chicago Air Berlin (old) Business Class Flight
31.10.2013 Chicago Bulls-New York knicks Home Opener of the Chicago Bulls in the arena in which Michael Jordan infected the whole world with the basketball virus
01.11.2013 Chicago Sightseeing Sightseeing tour on a segway through Chicago
02.11.2013 Flight to Dallas through Philly some random United flight
02.11.2013 Dallas Mavericks-Memphis Grizzlies Dirk Nowitzki live at home against Marc Gasol…
03.11.2013 Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings The best football player on this planet against the best home crowd in the biggest and most modern football stadium known to mankind
04.11.2013 Theme Park trip Six Flags Texas visit…with lots of potential to wet my pants…
05.11.2013 Dallas Mavericks-Los Angeles Lakers My boy Dirk vs a hopefully healthy Kobe Bryant….
06.11.2013 Flight to Miami Some random US Airways flight
07.11.2013 Miami Sightseeing tour through Miami (beach)
07.11.2013 Miami Heat-Los Angeles Clippers The best basketball player on this planet vs the best point guard the game has right now…
08.11.2013 Everglades Day trip to the Everglades
09.11.2013 Flight to New York Some random US Airways flight
09.11.2013 Brooklyn Nets-Indiana Pacers The new team in town vs my favorit team of the eastern conference… Melo vs George in the newly built arena in Brooklyn
10.11.2013 New York Knicks-San Antonio Spurs …watching the team of New York play Basketball around lunch time in the world famous Madison Square Garden
10.11.2013 NY Rangers- Florida Panthers …and watching the Rangers play some Ice Hockey in the same arena the same day later
11.11.2013 Sightseeing New York New York City Movie tour + couple of job interviews in the city I want to live in rather sooner than later
11.11.2013 Sightseeing New York More job interviews + a new york city stock Market tour (…ya i studied business so i am actually into stuff like this :) )
12.11.2013 Shopping madness!!! Trip to an outlet mall close to New York to spend as much money as somehow possible
13.11.2013 Sightseeing New York Financial crisis tour in the morning (ya I am still a business student)
13.11.2013 Flight from JFK to Frankfurt Singapore Airlines A380 First Class in one of their "suites"

A380 First Suite (yes this is on AN AIRPLANE!!!)

Quite some schedule isnt it? I guess I will need some holidays after my holidays....but whatever, thats exactly what I wanted !!!

  The Hotels will mostly be 4 star Hotels I booked with Points I accumulated when travelling for my company. In Dallas I am thinking about renting a Corvette just to have driven one in my lifetime. Travelling business and First Class is important to me as well as I have a tough schedule and need to be relaxed when leaving the plane...flying economy just wouldnt do this for me and the airline miles I collected come in handy here as well.

Thats it for today! Next blog post will come shortly before the trip and will deal with why I love basketball and US sports in general so much and what I hope this trip will be like.

Thanks for reading!



Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Before the trip ....Livin` the dream !

Hi everyone,

what is this all about?

Well... a crazy blog following some random dude on a trip that features a whole lot of THIS:


and hopefully plays like THIS:

wrapped into a trip that looks a whole lot like THIS:

Flights of the trip

the first post on this blog should just set the scene for my upcoming sport trip to the US and will answer the most important questions which are:

1) Who is that weird dude that is creating this blog and why is he doing that?
2) What is this trip about?

Most of the readers of this blog will most probably know me already. I am Peter, living in Erfurt right now, due to my job I am based in Germany but I am mostly travelling across Europe for my living.

If I had to describe myself in 2 words they would be sarcastic and ambitious. I have been, for some reason, while being reasonably lazy, able to reach all the goals I set for myself while reaching for new heights all the time (shout out to Herti and Done --> lets start that company  !!! ). I did so while enjoying life quite a bit and I have travelled quite a lot in the past to all areas of this planet.

Still there was one thing in the back of my mind that I always wanted to do: travel to the US just to go nuts on sport events. One has to understand at this point that I have been to the US already 3 times but all the trips were mostly focusing on the regular sightseeing stuff tourists just do while travelling to the country between the likes of Mexico and Canada.

Still readers: dont worry, this blog wont be all about sports, it will rather be a mix of a trip report to cities such as Chicago, Miami, Dallas and New York and I will try to explain why I love the American Sports cultures so much even tough it is so much focused on show, making money and being cocky :)

Staples Center - Los Angeles December 2012

I decided in late July that this year is going to be the year and I started planning my kind of nerdy trip. A couple of years down the road when my own family and stuff like that will take the majority of my time I wont do it here I go.

Next to sports I want to meet good old friends as well during the trip such as the Florida-Nancy-Gang

Ya...the nice guy on the right side of mine is now in law school :D

 ...and of course the Grenoble-chaos-group...

Beijing 2k11

As this is one of the trips of my lifetime I will create a live blog of the trip as well which will serve as the diary for myself at the same time and with other trips upcoming next year (Kilimandscharo hike) I wanted to see if this way of sharing pieces of information about the trip is worthwhile or not.

Thats it for the first post, the second post will come up in just 1 or 2 days and will describe what the tour schedule will be about in detail !

Leave a comment if you like to, feedback is pretty much appeciated as I am doing this for the first time...